Shirin found her passion for music when she got her first machine on christmas 2013. It didn¬ęt take a long time and she was truly addicted to play with synthesizers and other hardware to create her own sounds and rhythmics.

After one year of intensive self-learning and producing music, Shirin and her friend Keton decided to visit an international audio engineering school to learn more about how to work in a studio, record bands, make there mix downs and further to produce foley sounds.

Straight after she has finished the school she decided to go her own way and played her very first live sets in Romania and Bulgaria. At these festivals she met many lovely people like Enko and his crew, and soon Shirin has become a member of Multiplan Kollektiv.

Shirins music is affected by mystic and exotic melodies followed by distorted kick drums with straight and polyrhythmic acid lines. She plays a 100% hardware liveset.

Main styles Acid
DJ/Liveset Liveset
Sounds like Melodious, machine live, analog

Video footage


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