Ling Ling has the exotic origin of South Korea and Switzerland but nowadays has his headquarters of musical madness in Vienna, Austria. In his younger years two of his friends had been talking about a strange language which contained words like oscillators ,VCF’s and more…

From that moment on the young Ling Ling was determined to learn this strange language of machines and what not. The TB303 seemed to be his favorite word in this language and became best friends with this strange machine.

Today he talks this language, which is called Acid, and does this in many dialects. We can say that Ling Ling can bring this timeless phenomenon in every way possible. By releasing this universal frequencies on his own label FTSK and other solid imprints we can assure Ling Ling is here to stay.

Main styles Acid
DJ/Liveset Liveset
Sounds like Uplifting, high energy, tight sound
Collab Liveset with ENKO

Video footage


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